Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where have all the Bobwhite gone?

The last 2 years it's been really tough finding Bobwhite in New Jersey. They have been on a steady decline for years and after the last couple of bad winters they're almost extirpated here in South Jersey. Last year I had only one semi-reliable spot to try for them (we got lucky and heard one there) and this year has been even worse for finding them. Until yesterday I hadn't seen or heard a single quail despite whistling for them everywhere and trying ALL the spots where I'd had them in the past. Yesterday I FINALLY heard one at of all places the exact spot we got one last year (it was my 4th try for them there!) I don't know if we'll get lucky again like we did last year, but that quail may be one of last of his kind in the area and I hope he finds a mate. This sign was about a mile from that spot, I should have looked there first!

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