Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Night

The event is 24 hours long starting at midnight on Friday night May 13 and
continuing to midnight on Saturday night May 14th. That means we have part
of one night, a full day, and then part of the next night.
Let's see how it breaks down into usable hours of daylight and darkness.
Beginning on Friday night (or Saturday morning if you prefer) we will do
night birding until about 4:45 am. Experience tells us that by that time
there is a glow in the sky and sunrise will be not that far away. On the
other end while the sun will set a little after 8 pm, there will be a glow
in the sky until about 8:45 pm.
So out of the 24 hours of the event we only have about 8 hours of darkness
compared with about 16 hours of daylight. During the first period of
darkness we need to bird the Great Swamp and a few special locations and
then drive up to the High Point area to be ready for dawn. During the second
period of darkness we need to bird the Delaware Bayshore marshes and then
get to the finish line in Cape May.
There is so much to do at night and so little time to do it!

-Bert Filemyr-

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