Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Underlying Purpose!

We cannot lose sight of the fact that the World Series of Birding is designed as a fun event to raise money for conservation causes. Each participating team raises money on their own and it is up to each team to decide the recipient of the money they raise. All money stays local, none goes to the New Jersey Audubon.

This year the DVOC has decided to donate all money raised to the publication of the 2nd Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas.

None of the money raised by DVOC goes to the team's entrance fee or to the team's scouting and event day expenses. These expenses are covered in part by our sponsor, Nikon Sport Optics, and the remainder is covered by team members. That mean that every dollar you donate to the DVOC's Conservation Fund will go to the conservation cause.

Some people choose to donate based on the number of species seen by our team and some people choose to donate a lump sum. Both ways are good ways to participate and help. We encourage all people to make some sort of donation or pledge

The donation / pledge form is available at

Right now would be a good time to download it, fill it out, and send it in.


-The Lagerhead Shrikes-

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