Friday, May 13, 2011

Bar-tailed Godwit Again!?

Last night while scouting Forsythe Refuge on a VERY high tide I ran into Jim Danzenbaker.  We were in the NW corner of the "Danzenbaker Pool" appropriately named after his late father.  It's also know as the East Pool and we had a Breeding plumaged male Bar-tailed Godwit there!  We sent out word, but unfortunately no other birders showed up in time.  It flew at 6pm only 50 minutes after it was located.  It headed due North and it was the only shorebird to leave.  I'm hoping it returns, but I'm not so sure.  The one I found last year was within 2 days of this one and it's likely the exact same bird returning.  Last year bird stayed about a week, so we'll see...


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