Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cumberland County Scouting

Today I was scouting all day along the Delaware Bayshore and inland Cumberland County.  It's an area loaded with Shorebirds, Waterfowl, Raptors, and  breeding Songbirds.  Thankfully it was breezy again today and I wasn't eaten alive by biting insects.  I spent the entire day in the area and probably ended up with a HUGE bird list for today.  I was able to locate many of my target birds including Summer Tanager, Kentucky and Prothonotory Warbler, Chat, Blue Grosbeak, etc.  I even found a Kingfisher Nest Hole.  One bird that always amazes me with how abundant it is in that area is the Orchard Oriole.  It's almost impossible to be out of earshot of this beautiful bird, and I think it may be the epicenter of it's abundance.  Cumberland County takes up a lot of my scouting hours every year because it holds so much and is a really big area.  Ironically on the actual day of the World Series of Birding we will probably spend less than 2 hours within the county as we fly through on our way South.  


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