Friday, May 20, 2011

End of an Era!

At the World Series of Birding Awards Brunch on Sunday May 15th, as part of the awarding of the Urner-Stone Cup to the Nikon/DVOC Lagerhead Shrikes, Captain Paul Guris made this statement -

"This event has been a major part of our lives. Mike and I have literally been doing it for more than half of our lives. Zach was once a fresh-faced Nikon youth team member. Bert has spent the better part of his retirement with us.

We've had a cast of other characters on the team such as Eric Pilotte, Adrian Binns, Bill Stocku, Megan Edwards (now Crewe), Rick Mellon and Julian Hough.

So it is with very mixed emotions that I'm announcing the retirement of the current incarnation of the Nikon/DVOC Lagerhead Shrikes. DVOC may still field a team in the future, and one or more of our faces may pop back up, but it's time for this particular group to call it quits."

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