Saturday, May 29, 2010


As this World Series of Birding event ends, the Nikon/DVOC Lagerhead Shrikes would like to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to:

- All DVOC members who we are honored to represent.

- Nikon Sport Optics whose continual sponsorship is greatly appreciated.

- Our family members who allow us to enjoy this event.

- Anita Guris and Jeanne Fritz for their logistical support.

- The DVOC members who we called upon for scouting help as the event drew close (Jeff, Bob, Charles, Connie, Karl, etc.)

- The Cornell eBird team who helped refine the gathering and sharing of scouting information.

- The staff of CMBO and NJ Audubon for their work in making this event happen

- All fellow World Series of Birding competitors.

- All people who supported, or will support, the 2010 DVOC Conservation Cause.



And now it is time to put 2010 behind us and start getting ready for 2011!


Paul Guris (Captain), Zack Baer, Bert Filemyr and Mike Fritz - the 2010 Nikon DVOC Lagerhead Shrikes

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