Thursday, May 6, 2010

Team Stability

The 1997 DVOC WSB team - Mike Fritz, Julian Hough, Adrian Binns, Paul Guris (Capt) - (© A and J Binns)

The DVOC has participated in 25 of the previous 26 World Series of Birding. There was no DVOC team entered in 1986. In the four years from 1988-1991 the club had two teams entered.

Over all the years there have only been 25 individuals on the DVOC teams. This stability, which leads to experience, has been a major factor in the success of our teams over the years.

These club members have been one or more DVOC World Series of Birding teams.
Baer, Zach
Binns, Adrian
Brady, Alan
Brendel, Erica
Brethwaite, Kate
Danzenbaker, Chris
Danzenbaker, Mike
Dooley, Chris
Edwards, Megan
Filemyr, Bert
Fingerhood, Ed
Fritz, Mike
Guris, Paul
Hill, Armas
Hough, Julian
Mellon, Rick
Miller, Johnny
Murphy, Bill
Pilotte, Eric
Ridgely, Bob
Russell, Keith
Sherman, Sandy
Stocku, Bill
Walters, Chris
Windfelder, Frank
A full list of DVOC teams and participants is at

Bert Filemyr

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