Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Red-headed Woodpeckers

Some birds are found pretty much over all of New Jersey (Titmice, Mourning Doves, Mallards, etc). They pose little problem for World Series teams. But other species only occur in small pockets. One such species is the Red-headed Woodpecker. There are only a few pockets of them and it is difficult to route any one of the places into a state wide run.


One small colony of these woodpeckers occurs at a campground in southern New Jersey. The managers of the property, each year, allow teams to access the campground and see the birds. The week before the event teams scout the place in preparation for the big day. I made my annual scouting trip today. It was great to see the birds and also great to see the managers again. All teams that take advantage of this place are grateful for their hospitality.


Bert Filemyr

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