Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Preparing for Every Possibility - 2009

Yes, that is an 8' 2x10 Mike Fritz is loading in our vehicle about 2 hours before the start of last year's World Series of Birding.


In 2009, we knew that the Great Swamp NWR, where we would spend the first two hours of the event, was extremely wet. Some roads were muddy and some roads were covered by standing water. We were worried about two things - (1.) getting our vehicle stuck and/or (2.) another team's vehicle getting stuck in a position that blocked us from getting out of the refuge.


So on the way to the Great Swamp we stopped in a Home Depot and bought a board that we could use to get us out of a problem or get a vehicle that was blocking us out of a problem. Luckily we never needed the board. We were glad that we had it and we were glad we never had to use it. Needless to say it really took up lots of space in the van the rest of the day.


Just an example of preparing for every possibility.


<<Bert Filemyr>>

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