Sunday, March 28, 2010

World Series of Birding Route Planning

It makes no difference if a team competes in one of the various "limited geographic area" categories or in the "state wide category", route planning is a major contributor to a team's success. Now is the time teams are reviewing past routes and considering what they will be doing this year. Every year presents new challenges.


This year the date for the World Series is a "late" date. That means many wintering birds will have left the state. Early breeding migrants will have established territories and become less vocal. Things will not be the same as last year.


The Lagerhead Shrikes have used the same general route for several years now. This route starts in the northern part of the state and comes down the western edge of the state to the Cape May area and has us at Brigantine at dusk. Is this the year to try something new? Maybe we should work our way down the eastern part of the state and hit Brigantine in the middle of the day.

What species would we miss? What new species could we get? What about the traffic? What about the timing?


Lots to think about! (Bert)

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